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Lead-based paint

As per one definition lead-based paint contains lead in excess of (1.0 mg/cm2) one milligram per square centimeter. Alternatively, it can be calculated as 0.5% of the weight. The lead was used as it provided durability to the paint but later it was proved to be highly poisonous not only for the workers but also for the indwellers of a house. Since then many new substances and technologies have been introduced to replace lead. However, many countries still use this substance, and also, many old buildings still have lead lurking in the pores of their walls. The good thing is that now you can easily get the lead removed from your contents.


Hazardous Asbestos

Many products that are employed in homes may have high levels of asbestos a harmful element that can cause many diseases. Some of the common building positions where asbestos is used include floor tiles, insulation, siding, ceiling tiles, and roofing. It is now possible to get the asbestos removed from your house by hiring restoration experts.

Highly Skilled Workers

We have hired qualified asbestos experts in Kingston, Belleville, and Peterborough and highly skilled workers who are regularly provided industrial training sessions to impart the latest updated techniques and guidelines. It ensures that they strictly follow all the rules and regulations and utilize the latest techniques to ensure better safety and higher efficiency. All our staff members are highly skilled in the removal, abatement, and management of asbestos.


Ensuring maximum safety

As one of the best restoration service providers in Peterborough, Belleville, and Kingston we are very particular about safety and have trained our workers to use protection poly sheeting and decontamination units along with following other safety guidelines to save the surrounding environment from asbestos hazards. Our staff wears recommended PPE while working on an asbestos project. We fully follow the guidelines of relevant authentic and standard-setting organizations to protect the environment and health of property owners.

  • Detailed procedures

    After getting the vital details and fixing a schedule we send our staff on time to take a sample of paint colors, calculate total square footages, and properly execute the process as per their observations. Well-defined instance-based service criteria ensure that you get the personalized treatment service that fully caters to your specific needs.

  • Fair business practices

    We strongly support fair business practices and have employed solid parameters to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Timely performance review of our processes, technologies, and talent ensures that you enjoy outstanding services for all your private and business property needs.

  • Comprehensive workflow for high standard performance

    We have developed a detailed, high-standard in-house workflow to provide you an excellent asbestos removal and damage restoration services. It makes sure that the entire work meets the best standards of excellence. With our comprehensive suite of services, you can remain assured that the entire project will have a definite structure to ensure the best and reliable results.