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Extensive Restoration Service Suite to Combat the Fire Damage

We offer you extensive fire restoration services after a fire incident. We work at war level to bring your favorite content back to its pre-damaged condition and win them back their original charm. By hiring our services you can transform your burnt, black, smoke-damaged content back to its original amazing appeal and celebrated looks.


Textile Care and Restoration

Textile restoration refers to an expert method to clean various types of textiles including drapes, clothes, furnishing textiles, and more. The restoration process is carefully carried out by professional restoration companies after a thorough assessment of the damaged textiles. These companies hire the best textile restoration experts and use advanced techniques to clean the burnt residue, restore the surface, remove odors, and return your favorite textiles to their pre-disaster condition. They are qualified and equipped to work on different types and levels of damages without risking your delicate textiles.

Textiles Restoration with Dry Cleaning Process after a Fire or Smoke Damage

We provide you a comprehensive set of post-fire textile restoration services including sophisticated dry cleaning processes and effective restoration methods.

  • Using a combination of the best techniques, technologies, and talent we restore your garments, textiles and household fabrics post the fire damage.
  • By removing the toxic chemicals, smoke, and residue, we bring back their original looks and save you from any health hazards.
  • We also restore smoke damage.

Electronic Restoration Services after Fire or Smoke Incident

The fire can severely damage electronic devices like TV, PC, laptop, etc. So, we offer thorough electronics restoration services ensuring to salvage your electronics as best as we can.

Along with obvious effects, the fire damage can also work as a slow poison for your electronic devices. The harmful smoke and residue can be deep-seated into your electronic devices. Over time it can cause corrosion thus permanently damaging your devices. By hiring fire restoration services, you can save these devices from damage.

A Fully Reliable Electronic Restoration Service Process

Our team closely tests your devices for the risks of such corrosive effects and after a thorough assessment, our experts disassemble the internal parts and clean those to their original condition by employing effective fire restoration techniques. We ensure complete removal of soot, smoke, and harmful chemicals to keep your favorite electronic devices safe from damage.


Restorable Items

CRDN’s diagnostic testing for most electronic items ensures full functionality before and after restoration. Simply, if it plugs in and is working properly, CRDN may be able to restore it at a cost significantly lower than replacement.

  • Computers
  • Window Treatments
  • Server Hardware
  • Desktop Electronics
  • Light, Heavy Machinery
  • Table Linens, Bedding
  • Medical Devices
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Uniforms
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Security Systems
  • Power Generators

The Commercial Claims Process

CRDN responds to claim assignments as soon as possible, working alongside business owners, facility managers and restoration contractors to devise a customized solution for restoring commercial-grade textiles and electronics to limit business interruption:

1. CRDN response team schedules on-site scope with the policyholder, restoration contractor.

2. Evaluate the viability of on-site electronics testing and restoration to close claims quickly and reduce storage fees.

3. Inventory, photo capture, and pack-out completed following work authorization. Detailed documentation provided to the insurer to set reserves at outset of the claim.

4. Uninstallation and testing of electronics for complete functionality.

5. Disassembly and decontamination of electronic items performed by trained staff.

6. Textile restoration completed. (Off-site storage available until final delivery.)

7. Reassembly and retesting of electronic items to confirm functionality following successful restoration.

8. Reinstallation of items as agreed upon by policyholder and restoration contractor.

9. Coordinate with policyholder and restoration contractor to schedule final delivery of any items held in storage.

Art Restoration Services After Fire Damage

We respect the monetary and emotional value of your art pieces. Our team of seasoned art restoration experts handle each piece with the utmost care and meticulously work to bring back its original glory. Our team possesses deep experience in successfully restoring fire-damaged art pieces to their original look. Even if your art pieces remain unhurt by fire, the smoke can almost damage them fully by leaving a heavy residue and a thick layer of ash. Due to its acidic nature, removing soot is extremely tough. Our qualified and experienced team holds the required expertise and techniques to remove soot from your art pieces. The deep odor of smoke is another major issue after a fire incident. We utilize sophisticated technologies to safely remove this pungent odor without harming the surface area or disturbing the aesthetic or structure; integrity of the art. Heat can severely damage the structure of your art item, making it brittle and disturbing the pigment that spoils the overall appeal of your art and also affects its durability. We use scientific methods to assess the external and internal damage by heat and employ the best methods to ensure maximum recovery.


What We Restore

  • Paintings & Prints
  • Pottery, Vases
  • Fine China, Porcelain
  • Photographs, Albums
  • Art, Photo Frames
  • Sculptures
  • Mosaics
  • Antiques
  • Coins
  • Collectible Glass
  • Tapestries
  • Handmade Quilts
  • Baseball Cards
  • Dolls & Clothing
  • Taxidermy
  • Signed Memorabilia
  • Comic Books
  • Sports Jerseys

Fast Claim Response

CRDN works with restoration contractors and policyholders to expedite a comprehensive, room-by-room inventory and safe removal of loss-affected items to help ensure optimal restoration success while closing claims quickly.


Salient Features of Our Fire Restoration Services:

  • Prompt Response
  • On-Site Inventory
  • Secure Storage
  • Safe Transit
  • Accredited Art Restorers
  • Fully Insured

Our Process

  • We visit your property to thoroughly inspect the scope of the damage, determine the insurance claim process and sort the restorable items.
  • Remove the stuff from the house after approval of the insured or insurer.
  • Finish inventory with each piece of cloth and other item removed from the house.
  • Send the estimate to an insurance company to get approval for work.
  • Using the latest fire restoration technologies, our restoration panel works on the damaged items to remove soot, smoke, and other residues.
  • We carefully examine the items for looks, functionality, and any present or potential hazard before returning them to our clients.

We are with you in your fight with Fire Damage

We know what you would be going through after valuable content is destroyed by a fire incident. So, we leave no stone unturned to help you return back to normalcy by restoring those content back to their pre-damaged condition.

Here are some major features of our fire restoration services that set us apart:

Thorough Inspection by Experts

After scheduling the arrival time, we start with an on-site assessment of damaged items, take snapshots, and prepare note-down thorough details to accurately understand the total cost of fire restoration. It helps in a smooth and straightforward insurance claim process by lowering the risks of disputes.

Professional Execution of Fire Restoration Services

Once the assessment is over we plan and execute extensive fire restoration services for individual items to bring your contents back to their original condition. There is a well-defined treatment for different types/scope of damages like ozone treatment for removing heavy smoke from clothing, and specialized treatment for electronics to save it from corrosive soot risks.


We Confirm the Results before Sending Back the Restored Items

Post content restoration services we thoroughly assess your content to ensure that they have been appropriately treated and fully restored to their original state both externally and internally. We care about your contents and health and promise the reliable restoration of each item. The items that cannot be fixed after restoration services are labeled nonrestorable and are not billed. It guarantees that you pay only for those items that are restored to their original condition.

Rapid Action Procedures for Quick Relief

We know how important each moment is to restore your fire-damaged items. Our rapid task force comes into action immediately and within no time our surveillance team analyses the scope of damage and course of action.

Complete Suite of Fire Restoration Solutions

We offer you a full suite of fire restoration solutions to help you bounce back to normalcy by a site visit, assessment, and exhaustive restoration services by our restoration experts. We strive to exceed the expectations of our customers.