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Frequently Asked Questions

As a reputed dry cleaning and restoration services provider in Peterborough, Belleville, and Kingston, we are fully aware of our responsibility towards our clients and we go the extra mile to help them make the informed decision.

Truth and Transparency are two key building materials to build trust. That’s why we believe in sharing our in-house processes and policies with the customers to help them make informed decisions. So we have created this section of Frequently Asked Questions to answer your general questions regarding our services and procedures. While we strive to include answers to all your major questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through email or phone for further or more specific details.



We follow a well-guided workflow process that precisely caters to our customers’ needs and provides them a pleasant personalized experience:

- Select your preferred services like dry cleaning, shirt laundry, or wash and fold.

- Select the preferred date and time for pickup.

- Mention any specific pickup, cleaning, or care instructions to help us provide fully personalized dry cleaning services in Kingston, Belleville, and Peterborough.

- Submit your order.

- If opting for multiple services please separate the laundry items by specific services you require.

Different services have different turnaround times. Here are the details regarding our dry cleaning and laundry services in Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston, and the surrounding areas:

1. Wash and Fold: We return your clothes the next day. For immediate requirements, we also offer same-day/overnight delivery during weekdays at reasonable additional charges.

2. Laundered Shirts/Dry Cleaning: The turnaround time for these 2 services is between 2 and 4 days. You can also opt for a quicker turnaround time like next-day delivery for which we provide priority services during weekdays at a little top-up fee.

Please note that same-day/next-day services may vary depending upon the area, number/condition of laundry, etc. Also while we try our best to accommodate, it is not always possible to provide express delivery services during weekends.

We offer dry cleaning services in Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston, and the surrounding areas.

Go to our orders screen to check the order history that shows both previous and current orders, to get real-time updates just click on the specific order to see the current stage of your order. We also keep you informed about your order status throughout the process to help you gain a precise idea of how long will it take for your order to be completed.

We provide the following services:

Clothing Care:

- Dry Cleaning

- Laundered Shirt

- Wash and Fold

- Alterations and Tailoring

Restoration Services:

- Water Damage

- Fire Damage

- Mold Removal

- Lead and Asbestos

You can get detailed information about our services from here: Our Services

Wash and Dry Services

When providing your wash and fold laundry to Premium Dry Cleaners, it is important to follow the best practices below to lower the risk of damage or issues with your laundry:

- Before providing the items please make sure that they can be laundered or dried. Please avoid mixing the Dry Clean only items with your wash and fold items. Premium Dry Cleaners would not be responsible for items for any laundry item that clients send in for the wrong service. So, we highly recommend you carefully check the care labels of your clothes to avoid any damage during the process and segregate them accordingly.

- Please take out any items from the pockets of your shirts, trousers, or another laundry item, period to send them to us. We do try to look or such items as stationery items, coins, etc. before any process. However, Premium Dry Cleaners cannot be held responsible for any damages or loss to such items during the process of laundering or dry cleaning.

- Carefully check the care preferences any time you create an order to make sure that they align with the label instructions of your laundry. Any conflicts may result in damage.

- Please put all the delicate laundry items like undergarments, etc in a separate bag with a delicate label on it. During the process, the items with hooks may cause damage to the machine as well as another load. So keep them in a separate bag with appropriate labeling.

In Hang Dry policy, we neatly hang your clothes on hangers for air drying after completing the laundering process. For that, we use only purpose-designed plastic hangers of premium quality material. Using heat to accelerate the drying process harms the fabrics. That’s why we rely on natural air drying process that takes some time. Upon receiving your laundry items you may find some of them to be still wet. It is quite normal and happens due to this slow natural air-drying process. The level of wetness may vary depending upon key factors like cloth fabric, thickness, etc. We highly recommend our clients to take out your hang dry laundry immediately at the time of delivery to avoid mildew formation.

We would love to check those instructions but due to the volume and nature of work, we can’t check the care every care labels on the laundry items. That said we do check the special instructions by clients before proceeding with any order. So, don’t hesitate to mention any specific instructions to get personalized care for your laundry items like specific levels of washing and drying or a particular type of detergent to be used, etc. We assure you that your laundry will be given personal treatment accordingly.

We take utmost care to ensure that no item should go missing but very rarely it may happen due to various reasons. In that case, you can immediately mail us or contact our client support team within 24 hours from the time of delivery. We carefully review the cases and do our best to discover the missing items. If we are unable to find the missing laundry item for 10 days after the claim it is deemed to be lost. The decisions taken for lost items are at the sole discretion of premium dry cleaners.

Yes, We also provide Tailoring and Alterations Services in Peterborough, Belleville, Kingston, and the surrounding areas for minor and major fabric damages. We fix the buttons and repair tears to make sure that your favorite clothes get the perfect look.

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